Theresa A. Grace
Professional Organizer
Boise - McCall - Seattle
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"We cannot say enough about the help Theresa provided in helping us declutter what had been a mess of a room. This particular space had been a dumping ground for many of our family's items/toys/etc. Theresa arrived and IMMEDIATELY got to work with helping us clear out the space. Great energy. Very hands-on. Came armed with a number of ideas that were creative and effective. It was also great that Theresa made us make some tough decisions. There are always things you THINK you are attached to, and Theresa was great in making us see that some of those things can just go. Now, we have a room that looks 10 times better and doesn't stress us out when we enter it."

-Austin & Marissa K.  (kitchen, laundry, mudroom)

"Theresa is lovely. I had her out for an afternoon appointment to organize our closets - my home is generally very neat and "organized", so prior to her arrival I questioned if it was really necessary. She gave me great tips and suggestions, helped reconfigure our closets to maximize functionality, and even sent follow-up suggestions for the best way to organize other spaces of the home that we didn't work within. Theresa is very quick, efficient, and all of her suggestions were tailored to our lifestyle. Even if you only have one small place in your home you need help with, give her a call."

-Lauren P.  (kitchen, pantry, closets)

"Theresa is an absolute blessing to our family! After having 3 kids close together, our house had lost most (ok fine, all) sense of organization. The improvements that were made in just one session left me feeling like a weight had been lifted off our houses back and mine!!! Cant wait to keep on plugging away with her!"

-Anna M.  (playroom, home office)

"Theresa A. Grace is professional, friendly, efficient, thoughtful. She has worked with me to organize my laundry/sewing room, the kitchen, and the craft/playroom. The most important thing she has helped me with is designing a WORKING storage system. She has a unique ability to see the whole picture. She has helped me see the storage systems with new eyes and has inspired a permanent shift in the way I see my whole house and every item in it. We have a very small space for our front entry and coat closet. I was not expecting to do much with the space except get rid of things. After Theresa spent the morning doing her magic, it now functions much differently. It is no longer embarrassing to open this closet and we can quickly find everything we need. This entire improved system makes putting things away most convenient. One thing Theresa will not do is “make” you part with things you love. What she will do is help you determine if you love the enough to keep. This was invaluable to me. It gives me great satisfaction to look at the work we have done. Sometimes I just like to open a cabinet, admire what has been done and smile! By the way, I am retired and have many grandchildren who visit often. Since Theresa came to organize it, the craft/playroom practically puts itself away. In fact, this is the case in each of the rooms - clean up and put away is a cinch! These rooms no longer cause me stress thanks to Theresa."

-Frances H.  (laundry, kitchen, playroom)

"I am in total awe of your organizational skills. Total awe."

-Michael M.

Ya'll - I can not say enough about this woman and the work she does. She came into my house with one hour to work. She had to take her shoes off b/c she "couldn't walk fast enough". She went straight to it and I was amazed at what we accomplished in one hour! I had two areas I wanted to work on - she helped me tear them both apart and put them together again in a much more functional fashion. By the time she left everything was put away again and more organized than it had ever been. She leaves no page un-turned - she even walked my bag of items to donate out to my car on her way out!! She left me inspired and I must say that I've been looking at things much differently since she was here. She takes her business very seriously and her professionalism is something that all her clients reap the benefit of. I can't wait to have her come back and help me more. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE working with Theresa!!"

-Henley J.  (master, closets)

"Loving our garage! It's funny how the boys now put everything back where it goes. I think they like order as much as me." 

-Katherine C.  (garage)

Theresa A. Grace is amazing. I felt like she helped me de-clutter but also taught ME how to better organize & avoid letting the clutter collect to begin with. She prob saved me from being a future guest on Hoarders :)"

-Connie N.  (entire home)

"Thank you, Theresa! My husband was super impressed with how organized it is now! We are really making a point to use up things we already have. My Mom was super impressed too! Seriously it was such a big help. I really can't thank you enough!"

-Katie B.  (pantry)

"After complaining about the disorganization of our home since we moved in 2 years ago, my husband surprised me with 3 hours with Theresa. I pretty much laughed at the idea but went along with it anyway. I can’t believe how far she got me in those first three hours and the immediate impact the results had on our everyday life as a family. She had so many clever ideas and really knew how to customize things. Theresa is a pro, I really enjoyed being with her and learning from her, and somehow instead of this whole project being daunting, it was actually fun and gratifying! I booked 9 more hours and we completed all of our storage areas, the kitchen finally runs efficiently, and our mudroom finally enables us to get in and out of the house quickly. I really underestimated the difference this kind of help would make for us."

-Jessica W.  (kitchen, mudroom, closets)

"Theresa is amazing!! Having her come help us organize our closets and bedroom has been life changing for our family. She was so helpful and gave us so many tips for moving forward."

-Lee P.  (closets, bedrooms)

"Peace. Of. Mind. Organizing with Theresa is not about putting things in containers, nor is it about her telling you what to get rid of. It is an incredible experience to examine the root cause of the clutter and address the systems needed to prevent clutter from piling up all over again in a way that works for your family. We removed the stuff that needed to be removed and made sure that the important items that remain have a purpose and a spot. This makes it so easy to keep things tidy. I honestly was ready to tear down my kitchen and start over but after a day with Theresa I am loving my spaces again! In fact, dare I say, it is so easy to clean up I kind of enjoy it. I feel like the biggest weight has been lifted and I have so much time now to spend on the things I love. I feel free from the way "things' and "clutter" were overwhelming me. Theresa has a gift of asking the right questions, listening, understanding the challenges and needs and has at least 3 solutions for everything. I learned so much from her that I have tackled other areas of the house BUT I cannot wait to have her come back again! Theresa, you are a joy to work with and thank you for the incredible impact this has had on the entire family."

-Emily K.  (kitchen, closets)

"Theresa helped me surprise my husband for Fathers Day by clearing out and organizing our workshop that had been used as a storage room for years. I am so pleased with the results and more importantly, my husband loves going in there and is inspired to work on stuff! She worked so quickly and had great ideas for how to organize items so they have a home, making it so easy for us to keep the place clean and functional in the future!!"

-Anna C.  (workshop, garage)

"It is a joy and an inspiration to witness you in action!"

-Frances H. (laundry, kitchen, playroom)

Theresa A. Grace
Professional Organizer
Boise - McCall - Seattle
text/call 208.614.0278